Friday, July 4, 2014

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino

Why someone who like to enjoy some gambling games and entertainement at the local club would be giving up on the whole casino experience for playing online ?

The brick and mortar gaming complexes offers a lot for the eyes to everyone who come there and spend their hard ...(or not) earned money. Theses gambling giants offer a lot of promotions and anything that would bring people around. Showcase, free hotel room, extraordinary meal in their restaurant , and much more is quite attractive for anyone who wish to spend some time playing games, have the thrill to win big money and rake in free stuff at the same time.

At first, it make you go "hmmm" about playing casino online but there is more to offers to players than they might initially think.

A good example would be one big online player : Royal Vegas Casino .

Member of the reputable Fortune Lounge Group of online casinos, they are one of the best Australian online casino provider. Trusted , safe and frequently audit to assure a fair play from their games is the first step to get anyone in confidence about putting some money to play. 

But live gambling houses do that too right ? Yes, so that why anyone who want to get players to come to them need to offer more than the standard in the industry... and the list is quite long !

$1200 Casino New Player Bonus ! You wont see that at the local pub ! Its basically a welcome bonus to any new members up to a maximum of $1200 value, depending on the amount the player deposit.

Even if you know that the house often win, you want to have some fun and entertainment right ? That kind of bonus double your bankroll right on the spot before you even start playing, giving you more bang for your buck.

In addition, Royal Vegas Casino  offer weekly promotions, $40,000 in monthly giveaways, VIP program as well as a reward bonus for regular players.

Beside offering a lot of money to have fun with, they also offer their players a lots of choices to play their favorites game : 

New games every month, more than a total of 500 online pokies, video slots, games of blackjack, video poker games, keno, roulette, craps, baccarat and mooreeee.

Trust me, you might not get a free meal by playing online at Royal Vegas Casino, but you get more for your money, fun for a long time and that also give you more chances to hit big and win big.

For more information regarding playing online with them, visit this page.